New ways of Living explores nostalgia, memory, and perception using geometric abstraction and trompe l'oeil forms articulated through print-based assemblage. The pieces exist as singular multiples and are meant to evoke and point to landscape and place without representing in an objective or literal way. Conceptually they revolve around recording a psychological response to site or locale. The work is composed of built-up assemblies of modular plywood components, sometimes methodically arranged, other times resulting from improvisation. The imagery is derived from captured and found images of both the built and the natural environment, reproduced by screenprinting directly on primed plywood.  The plywood is cut, joined, inlaid, recombined, and sometimes re-printed upon. Through this iterative process of cutting and reassembling, an abstracted and nonlinear representation of space and place emerges.

Honolulu Museum of Art at First Hawaiian Center February 14 - June 14, 2019

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